French Training
2016 – 2018

Training 2016 – 2018 in Craniosacral Biodynamics
in Southern France

Lot. Le Pérou 17,

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Who is this training for ?
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Who is this training for ?

This course is open to body workers, therapists and healing professionals wishing to deepen their skills of touch.

It will also address any person wishing to deepen his/her own personal experience of the body and the consciousness.

It is also for Craniosacral Therapists wishing to discover or deepen with the biodynamic approach.

This course supports developing perceptual and palpatory skills. The practitioner learns to perceive and listen to the subtle messages in the dynamics of fluids, cells and tissues of the body. She can then open a conversation that respects the space and the needs of each individual.

It also includes moments of sharing, movement, and visualizations as well as practicing stillness or dynamic meditations.

In this way, the training does not teach only scientific, anatomical, clinical and practical knowledge, but also opens up a space of exploration and personal growth.

Content of the training

Seminar 1 : Introduction to the system of Primary Respiration and to the principles of the "Breath of Life"

We will discover the concepts of Dr W.G. Sutherland, an ostheopath and pioneer in this approach. We will learn and practice some perceptual tools to listen to the manifestations of the Primary Respiratory System (P.R.S.), the "Breath of Life". When we are centered, we can perceive this fluctuation as a tide in the fluids and tissues of the body and its resources of Health within. Our orientation is with the Health and the underlying forces of the Dynamic Stillness.

Seminar 1 is oriented to the state of the practitioner and the development of perception.

Seminar 2 : The Neutral in the Fluid Body - Non verbal conversation with the Primary Respiratory System (P.R.S.)

While listening to P.R.S. and its manifestations on the level of the midtide, we are orienting towards the neutral in the forces at work on the level of the fluid body and we learn to support the system to settle in a state of balance. With our presence and our touch we help the system to find its natural balance again. We will learn about the biodynamic and biokinetic forces and their resolution through a state of balance using Dr Becker's approach towards healing. We will also look at the functional and structural relationship of the bony structures of the neurocranium and the reciprocal tension membrane and we will learn to create space through the natural augmentation processes. Our understanding of the stillness processes and of the resources through the felt sense will deepen. And we will look at the inherent treatment plan in its manifestation of the neutral as a principle of the biodynamic approach.

Seminar 3 : The Craniosacral Core System and Whole Body Connections

We will focus on the midline structures of the human body, the different midlines and the spine and the dural tube, and their embryological origins and their dynamics. The whole body connections will become evident when we are working with the fascia structures of the body as well as the sacrum-occiput and the triade of occiput-atlas-axis interrelationship. We will also look at the basic function of the Autonomic Nervous System and its self regulation. We will perceive the different levels of Stillness and orient to the inherent treatment plan and the systemic State of Balance.

Seminar 4 : The Cranial Base and its dynamics as whole body reflection

Here we will learn the classical dynamics of the bone structures of the cranial base, including the sphenobasilar junction, a natural fulcrum of the midline, the occiput, the sphenoid and temporal bones, and how they interconnect with the sacrum and the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ). We will also look at the relationship between the pelvis and sacrum and the cranial base. We will understand the function of the venous sinus system and their drainage and deepen our understanding of the inherent treatment plan. There will also be an introduction to trauma resolution.

Seminar 5 : The Ignition Process, the Viscerocranium and the interaction with the world

In this seminar we will study the perception of the Tidal Body and the expression of the Long Tide of the Primary Respiration and the phenomenon of the ignition as an expression of the whole. We will work with the motility of the Central Nervous System and the ventricles as well as with the structures of the Stomatognathic System and of the Viscerocranium and the bones of the face, and the hardpalate in order to resolve inertial patterns held within these structures and support a new balance. Our understanding ot the unfolding of the inherent treatment plan will deepen.

Seminar 6 : Integration

We will continue to explore the skills of trauma resolution through the Long Tide and our understanding of the integration of biodynamic Craniosacral with the function of the Nervous System will deepen. We will look at themes of ethics, hygiene, indications and contra-indications of Craniosacral Biodynamics. To conclude we are coming back to the original "Breath of Life" and how it is interwoven with the universal life forces and expressed in the inherent plan treatment.

Seminar 7 : Conclusion and certification

Conclusion and certification of the training in this last seminar of 3 days with exams and feedback sessions and presentation of a written work.

Schedule for the on-going 2014 – 2016 training

  • Seminar 1 : completed...
  • Seminar 2 : completed...
  • Seminar 3 : completed...
  • Seminar 4 : 7 days from September 6th to 12th 2015
  • Seminar 5 : 7 days from March 5th to 11th 2016
  • Seminar 6 : 7 days in September 2016 - TBD later
  • Seminar 7 : 3 days - TBD later

Next training 2016 – 2018

  • The next French training will start in September, 2016

The trainers

Agata H. Holliger

Agata has worked for more than 25 years as a complementary therapist with various body work techniques and he has trained since 1990 in Craniosacral with International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing (ICSB).
He is a teacher at ICSB and he is currently offering Craniosacral courses and training in Switzerland, Europe and Latin America.

Agata is the main teacher and the referent of the French training.

Some more about the curriculum of Agata

Marga Berr

Marga has also worked for more than 25 years in the field of Craniosacral and since 2003 in Craniosacral Biodynamics. She graduated from ICSB (BCST, ABD), and is a tutor in the Institute.

she is co-trainer with Agata, and in charge of supervisions as well as the practical organisation of the French training.

Some more about the curriculum of Marga

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