Marga Berr : Practitioner - Trainer
in Craniosacral Biodynamics

Personal path

Marga has trained in Craniosacral Balancing - biomecanical approach - in 1990 with Bhadrena C. Tschumi Gemin. She then worked with Dr John Upledger (Pioneer in Craniosacral Therapy) in USA on several occasions between 1992 and 1997.

She also collaborated with Geraldyne L. Waxkowsky (USA) and Inya L'Orange (Norway) for many years in the pediatric field. She is certified in Craniosacral Pediatrics from Institute CETNA (Spain).

Since 2003, Marga retrained in the biodynamic approach with ICSB.
She is now BCST (Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapist) and ABD (Advanced Biodynamic Diploma) through ICSB (International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing), according to the standards of IABT (International Affiliation of Biodynamics Trainings).

She takes periodically some advanced courses with ICSB, and is a tutor in the Institute.
Marga is also member of an international study group on the "Interface" with several practioners and teachers in Craniosacral and Osteopathy.

In parallel for the last 40 years, Marga lives on a path of personal quest that has led her to take part in many different forms of body awareness and meditations that she integrated in her practice.

She has also been blessed in living near by alive Buddhas such as Osho and Yvan Amar. On the path of her life, she had some uncommon experiences such as working with patients with dolphins as healing assistants or sharing some ritual ceremonies with various representatives of healing and spiritual traditions(Amerindians, Sami, ....).

Since 2009, she is a practitioner in Somatic Experiencing ® (work on integrating trauma).

In addition to her private practice, Marga has lead introductory workshops and courses in Craniosacral, for many years. Since 2005, she is co-presenting with Agata H. Holliger a training in Craniosacral Biodynamics.

Diploma and references

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